Bryce Smith

Bryce Smith

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Username * beelow
Country * USA
City Berkeley
Nationality American Indian/Native American/Black Mane


Availability: Freelance


Hmmm...I don't what to tell u guys about me. But here goes. I enjoy Basketball and going out to watch movies. I am always hard at work, very ambitious all the time. I am pretty much an over-achiever, and willing to go the distance. As it stands right now I am about to graduate and will have a Bachelor of Science in Media Arts and Animation, woohoo, no more of money going to school! I work as a caricature artist on the side down on the strip in Vegas, at the Excaliber (so if any of my family here comes to Las Vegas and say wassup to the people's champ, hehe). But it looks like I will be going full time.
Right now, I am currently looking for work now, In what I want to do concept art and 3d(so holla at'cha boy if u got something). For right now, I will do this, I will make it more formal when I get the time to do so, I guess that is it for now. Peace fam!


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